These are prices for most of the services provided by us.

Product Customizing = Prices listed for each item on the website are final prices. There are no extra charges for customizing your product.
 Artwork = Free ( for simple work. Could take up to four days to complete) There will be a $10 charge for 2 day rush, $20 for 1 day and $40 for same day. Charges are separate and will be added to order.
Vinyl heat press = This price can vary depending on how detailed the design is and the size of the design. For simple one color silhouette type design prices could be as low as $4.00 for hat size to $10 for a 12" X 12" shirt design.
Embroidery = Embroidery is based on stitch count and complexity of the design. For most designs charge will be around $0.90 per 1000 stitches.
Glass Etching = Etching is priced like Vinyl heat press. Only for the example I would replace hat with drinking glass and shirt with a mirror.
Screen Printing = To get your best bang for the buck you can get a one color design printed on a shirt for $4 a print with no setup fee. For every color above one there will be a $40 setup fee and a one time $35 artwork fee to do the color separation for printing.
Sublimation = This is best value for full color image prints. Most product on website is done in sublimation and is already priced. For pricing on product not seen here or special project please contact up for pricing.

Shipping = Shipping is free in the Continental United States.

Order could take up to a week to complete and will ship as soon as order is completed.

Orders can be rushed and expedited to a desire time frame at an extra charge to be determined by type of project or product to be printed.